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Bubble Shooter Hot Bubbles - New! Game Description : New edition of the Bubble Shooter game. Main feature of this game and its difference from the classical bubbles game is the addition of hot bubbles of 2 types: It explodes all bubbles around when hit and it can be removed with the G type hot bubble only. Besides, the function of moving the shooting bubble, with LEFT ARROW and RIGHT ARROW cursor keys is available in this game. The faster and sharper you shoot - the more chances you have got to gain a top score. This game is meant to raise player`s reaction and ability to decide really swift and right. Scoring and Bonuses: For Every exploded bubble you gain 10 points. For every fallen bubble you gain 15 points. If a long chain of exploded and fallen bubbles generates, you gain bonus points from 25 to 50000. Bonuses are calculated for exploded and fallen bubbles separately with bonus for its sum added. Controls: use standard mouse and keyboard cursor keys. Right mouse to move the window. Enter - Boss mode P - Pause the hot bubbles game.

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